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IoT Connectivity and the Future of Digitised Business Operations

25 October, 2023 | Hein Koen
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Internet-of-things connectivity is revolutionising industries, from routers and sensors to payment terminals and mobile applications used in operations. As businesses roll out more and more devices requiring cellular network connectivity, the challenge is to identify the perfect solution for each requirement.

Unfortunately, a one-size-fits-all approach to device connectivity simply doesn’t work, as each use case has different data consumption patterns as well as diverse technical and networking requirements. Companies have the following categories of cellular connectivity options to consider: managed private APNmanaged data contractsbusiness prepaid and IoT roaming.

Understanding IoT connectivity

IoT connectivity, whether on 2G, 3G, LTE or NB-IoT, forms the backbone of IoT solutions.  With varying bandwidth, range power, security and budget needs, each device deployment project requires a bespoke cellular connectivity approach.

The surge in IoT devices also underscores the importance of secure data connectivity, particularly via GSM mobile networks.

Managed private APN: your customised bridge

Where device security and data encryption cannot be managed by the device, it is important to fortify device-to-server or device-to-internet connections. Here, a managed Provat Access Point Name (APN) emerges as a pivotal strategy.

APNs act as conduits connecting mobile networks to the Internet, isolating specific traffic.

Envision a managed private APN as a tailor-made bridge linking devices to the mobile network. SIMcontrol’s managed APN options offer unmatched customisation and security, allowing businesses to create their own custom network and firewall options on the mobile network. This is ideal to “lock down” devices to only use data to specific white-listed endpoints or URLs.

Key benefits of the managed private APN include:

  • Pooled data across multiple networks: Share data effortlessly across all Sims, covering various mobile networks, maximising data usage and ensuring no data wastage.
  • Swift setup: Benefit from rapid deployment with our APN-as-a-service, with no long-term contract or spend commitments.
  • Real-time monitoring and control: Set Sim quotas, disconnect Sims upon reaching limits and monitor Sim data usage with precision. Track device locations via our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Advanced networking technology: Utilise our scalable cloud infrastructure with customisable security features, compatible with 2G, 3G, LTE and NB-IoT devices.

Managed data contracts: risk-free mobile data

SIMcontrol can also manage existing or new data contracts from all major mobile networks.  Enjoy the perks of fully managed, affordable data contracts with automated data top-ups and daily usage reporting. Take control of your data contract administration and bid adieu to unforeseen bill shocks.

Key benefits of managed data contracts include:

  • Low data rates: Ideal for high data usage devices.
  • Visibility: Don’t wait for a bill. Keep an eye on your device data usage yourself.
  • Automated recharges: Easily recharge top-up/hybrid contracts with discounted data bundles.

Business prepaid: the pinnacle of flexibility

SIMcontrol’s Business Prepaid option epitomises flexibility, offering a risk-free, no-contract approach to Sim management. It’s not merely cost-effective but also adaptable and scalable.

Business Prepaid allows for instant Sim activation and deployment and key benefits include:

  • Automated data or airtime recharges: Sim balance monitoring ensures Sims from all major networks are always topped up and ready for use. Also available in Namibia, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia.
  • Budget-friendly: No commitments and predictable costs, fixed costs versus fluctuating bills.
  • Quick and scalable: Rapid, easy Sim activation and deployment within minutes. Suspend Sims as instantly as needed.

IoT roaming: the global connectivity solution

For businesses with international or cross-border IoT device deployments, IoT data roaming offers unmatched flexibility and reliability for critical international operations. Suited at lower-consumption IoT devices, this option typically roams on two or more local mobile networks, ensuring good coverage and a fail-over for load shedding or local network issues.

Key benefits of IoT roaming include:

  • Seamless global management: Easy deployment and management of Sims worldwide with the flexibility of local handling and testing.
  • Enhanced connectivity Control: SIMcontrol online platform provides effective Sim management and easy troubleshooting.
  • Affordable IoT roaming: Experience stress-free roaming with clear pricing, no hidden commitments and no bill shock.

Why SIMcontrol is the trusted choice for IoT Sim management

SIMcontrol is more than a platform: it’s a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking reliable mobile network connectivity for existing or new Sim fleets. Adaptable to various networks and Sim types, with features like real-time cost tracking, automated management and tier-1 technical support, SIMcontrol is indispensable for businesses across many sectors.

As companies deploy more connected devices, the importance of optimal connectivity is paramount. With SIMcontrol’s network-agnostic suite of solutions and advice, businesses can navigate the cellular connectivity landscape with confidence.

Ready to upgrade your IoT connectivity strategy? 
 Reach out to SIMcontrol today!

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