Stay in control of your spend

Let us help you manage the total cost of ownership over a SIMs lifetime. Overall business SIM management costs include upfront commitment, setup cost, fixed costs, contract term, out-of-bundle risk, administration burden as well as actual data cost. With SIMcontrol , you will never experience bill shock again.

Prepaid Pricing

0 - 99 SIMs
  • R11.30 Excl VAT
  • R13.00 Incl VAT
  • Per SIM per month
100 - 399 SIMs
  • R8.70 Excl VAT
  • R10.00 Incl VAT
  • Per SIM per month
400 - 999 SIMs
  • R7.83 Excl VAT
  • R9.00 Incl VAT
  • Per SIM per month
1000 - 9999 SIMs
  • R6.96 Excl VAT
  • R8.00 Incl VAT
  • Per SIM per month
10000 - 99999 SIMs
  • R6.09 Excl VAT
  • R7.00 Incl VAT
  • Per SIM per month

R10.00 per SIM (once-off)

SIM Supply and bulk RICA:

R9.00 per SIM or supply your own.

Legendary service & technical support:


Prepaid data options per network

Price (R)
Bundle (in MB)
Bundle Description
12.00 50Vodacom-50MB-Bundle-30days
17.00 100Vodacom-100MB-Bundle-7days
29.00 200Vodacom-200MB-Bundle-30days
29.00 250Vodacom-250MB-Bundle-7days
12.00 250Vodacom-250MB-Whatsapp-Bundle-7days
49.00 350Vodacom-350MB-Bundle-30days
69.00 500Vodacom-500MB-Bundle-30days
79.00 600Vodacom-100MB-60days-Bundle per month x6 months
85.00 1024Vodacom-1GB-Bundle-30days
149.00 1500Vodacom-250MB-60days-Bundle per month x6 months

*Airtime, SMS and Data Bundles billed at standard network rates (no mark-ups).

*Bundle expiry rules may differ per network or bundle type – please check with us.

*Guide only, subject to change by networks at any time.


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