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3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Data Connectivity in Fleet Management

22 September, 2022 | Isil Sumer
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The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) has impacted many industries, including fleet management. According to a new research report, the number of active fleet management systems deployed in commercial vehicle fleets in South Africa reached an estimated 2 million and it is anticipated to reach 3,6 million by 2026.

Fleet management is a growing market in South Africa, with the total number of installed telematics solutions having increased by more than 50% since the last decade. While the market is still dominated by tracking systems, more advanced fleet management solutions are gaining traction on the market.

The increasing competition and device deployment volume in the fleet management industry requires telematics providers to adapt new technologies easily, supply reliable connectivity and accurate real-time data. While competing in the tracking and logistics industry, the following three tips we prepared should help you improve your business data connectivity in fleet management. 

Unlocking future proof IoT connectivity

Second- and third-generation (2G and 3G) cellular connectivity have been the backbone of tracking devices and GPS tracking in the fleet management industry for more than a decade but it is changing and evolving. Since the roll-out of 4G, 5G and NB-IoT continues to gain traction, the end of 2G and 3G is almost here. Most operators have already stopped their 2G service in the developed countries. In South Africa, current indicative start dates of spectrum sunsets as communicated by mobile networks are:

  • Vodacom: 3G sunset start is planned for 2023. 2G sunset start is planned for 2025.
  • MTN: 3G sunset start is planned for 2025/2026.

Read our article about 2G/3G Sunset

Read our Help Desk article with the latest information on 2G & 3G sunset in SA 

Before the shutdown, mobile network operators were looking to next-generation LP-WAN technologies such as LTE-M and NB-IoT as a replacement for 2G and 3G. At SIMcontrol, we have expanded our offering to include NB-IoT on Vodacom South Africa’s mobile network as part of our managed APN solution. SIMcontrol now supports NB-IoT in South Africa as part of its drive to make device connectivity easier and more cost effective. 

The benefits of this technology include improved battery life, low power consumption, greater penetration for indoor and outdoor locations, and perhaps most importantly, lower costs. It is also futureproof to avoid obsolescence for many years to come.

Using Multi-Network SIM option to solve network downtime 

The main goal of the fleet management system is to have full visibility into the real-time status of your device, to know and manage who's behind the wheel and keep the fleet up and running all the time. But even the most dependable telematics solutions are not entirely error-proof and the best networks can go down from time to time. For many of our customers, there is a real fear around the impact of network downtime, both from a reputation and an efficiency perspective.

This is where multi-network SIM cards are a game changer. As the name suggests, multi-network SIM cards can connect to multiple mobile networks within a country. 

Deploying devices across multiple countries requires careful planning and demands that you have a data roaming solution suited for the specific project. Having control over the deployed SIMs from both a technical as well as cost perspective is critical.

Read our article on Multi-Network SIMs 

With SIMcontrol, you have access to an online SIM management platform which is quick and easy to use, offers reliable IoT-focused support and allows you to manage your mobile connectivity spending.

Accelerating your device connectivity with advanced API integration 

We are in the midst of an unprecedented phase of digital transformation. Tracking is no longer only about location. Technological changes are reshaping companies to benefit not only because it prevents theft, loss, and damage, but also because better asset management is essential for meeting operational and compliance targets. The API - once seen as a tool for programmers - is now providing both a new route to market as well as a value chain for businesses. 

Businesses are turning to integration not only to rapidly access business-critical data, but also to build a scalable infrastructure that is resilient in times of change. It is now more important than ever to future-proof your IT infrastructure, and leveraging APIs is the most scalable and secure way to do so.

With SIMcontrol's advanced and easy-to-use API integration, you can Integrate SIM management into your existing platforms or business processes.

Simplify Your IoT Data Connectivity with SIMcontrol

\ For the fleet management industry, the ability to track and manage connected devices at scale can be a challenge. SIMcontrol is a solution for companies that need reliable mobile network connectivity.

SIMcontrol has the advantage of being network and SIM type agnostic, which allows customers to manage multiple networks without issue.  

SIMcontrol is designed for enhancing IoT, M2M or mobile workforce connectivity. It is flexible, allowing management of multiple mobile networks on one platform. Its easy setup means you can start your trial today and the platform offers a high level of customer support with a team experienced in IoT.

With its cost-effective and see-what-you-spend approach, reducing the dreaded data connectivity bill surprises. 

Speak to a consultant to learn more about how SIMcontrol gives you affordable and efficient enterprise connectivity or sign up now!

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